Alan Maughan spey casting on a river
Alan Maughan spey casting on a river
Alan Maughan spey casting on a river
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Century has worked at the leading edge of rod design technology and holds the official records for the World’s longest casts. All over 300 yards on our surf rod ranges. This is important because it is only by exploring the very extremes of composite technology that really useful benefits can be incorporated in our mainstream rods. We have learnt both in combination with our tournament work and field testing that there are ways of making rods decidedly better.

One such way is to improve one of the most important stages in the building of a rod blank – the cure process. Traditionally rod blanks are cured in ovens to solidify the resin matrix. However oven curing inevitably leads to air being trapped inside the wall of the rod. This can cause the rod to loose its test curve/action prematurely and soften after a relatively short period of use. The Century Autoclave Technology process delivers the following advantages over oven cured carbon composites:

  • The air trapped in the wall of an autoclave-cured rod is reabsorbed back into solution in the resin. The science behind this is simply - Henry’s Law. The result is a near void free wall and the rod will retain its original action much longer. The rod will also withstand the rigours of hard fighting fish and long range casts better as a result of an autoclave cure cycle. The composite structure is denser and stronger.
  • The feel of the rod is crisper and inevitably for the same amount of carbon fibre used in an oven-cured rod – it is slimmer. The carbon has been compacted down under enormous pressure during the cure process.
  • The resin matrix content of the rod can be precisely controlled - to produce the perfect optimum. This reduces weight and improves the performance.

You simply couldn’t get a modern leading Formula I team or an aerospace company to truly consider a structural carbon composite unless it had been autoclaved. You might hear folk talk about the latest “aerospace carbon fibre” but that’s only half the story unless it’s properly processed. The benefits of Autoclave Technology are remarkable and to the best of our knowledge unique in game rods. All this pioneering work has been proven and validated and as our consultants are the most demanding and critical, we know you will enjoy the quantum leap forward in rod technology.

Century uses the most modern rod building equipment available and our factory facility in the UK provides life critical structures to other performance industries in motorsport, space and aerospace. We understand the materials we use and how to apply these to sophisticated structures like a modern spey casting rod. Our pattern cutting machine produces extremely accurate profiles that we integrate into our designs and our AT-T (Anti Twist Technology) resists high torsional loads. We also ensure that carbon fibre alignment is closely controlled and orientated to give optimum performance and this delivers considerable structural benefits in rod action.

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