Alan Maughan spey casting on a river
Alan Maughan spey casting on a river
Alan Maughan spey casting on a river
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In life there are always leaders and followers. For over 30 successful years Century has been widely regarded as the former in the business of fishing rod design and manufacture. We have led the way with many different and innovative ideas across our rod ranges. It would be nothing less than expected that we would carry this philosophy through into our salmon fly range, with the help of Alan Maughan our Game Product Design Consultant we have done just that.

Perfect rod balance, as simple as A.B.C – Adjustable Balance Concept

Balance Weights

Sometimes the greatest ideas are simple yet devastatingly effective. When Alan showed us the first prototypes of his A.B.C. we knew this would change the way salmon rods were built forever.

In the search for ever-lighter products, particularly in salmon reels the marketing men had forgotten a very basic principle, that balance is king. If a rod is not correctly balanced then 'less' most definitely is 'more'. Effective two-handed fly fishing and casting fundamentally revolves around the principle of the lever and the fulcrum. Our top hand is always the fulcrum, at times this is used to balance the rod tip during the swing while fishing, others its to create a relatively fixed axis upon which we rotate the rod. This use of the fulcrum principle allows us to create a deep load in the rod blank by pulling the rod tip as opposed to pushing it. Efficient two-handed casting is about pulling the rod tip over using your bottom hand as opposed to pushing it over with your top hand. A.B.C. helps to achieve this.

A.B.C. allows you to be what you are, an individual.

By adjusting the number of balance weights you place in the butt you can fine-tune your rods balance to suit the reel, line and casting style you prefer to use on any given day. If you have an active bottom hand casting style A.B.C. will definitely help you to cast further and with tighter loops, the additional mass traveling in a downward direction clearly helps you to load your rod deeper with the obvious benefits. If your casting style is top hand dominant and you are struggling to make the change alone then A.B.C. will make this easier, it’s all about balance and being an individual. There are no rules with A.B.C.- just be yourself.

Any instructor will tell you that your casting will suffer as you begin to tire, as a result your fishing will become less effective. When your rod is unbalanced you either need to be constantly moving your top hand up the rod to balance it or you fight with a tip that wants to head downwards, either way its tiring. To be able to cast and swing your fly while maintaining the same top hand position will significantly reduce fatigue and give your casting technique a consistent base from which to work. With A.B.C. you will fish longer for less effort and as a result you will cast better. Getting it right is as simple as A.B.C.

A.B.C. – Adjustable Balance Concept, because its great to be different.

Composite Cork Handle

Stealth Rod cork handle

During the design process of our range of two-handed rods it was decided that there would be no skimping on materials, these rods had to be built to a standard and not a price. When it came to the cork handle the choice was obvious; it had to be the best, Flor grade cork and nothing else would do.

Having worked with man made materials for the grips on our surf and carp rods we didn’t realise the problems being encountered with regard to sourcing good quality cork. It appeared that one mans Flor grade was another’s AAA grade, the only thing all of the samples had in common was they were full of filler! It didn’t take us long to reach the conclusion that good quality cork was difficult if not impossible to get. There was also no guarantee of an ongoing supply, even if we did find the quality we wanted.

The long search for a suitable alternative to natural cork began; we looked at many alternatives until we found exactly what we were looking for. Eventually we found a composite cork handle that demonstrated all of the best features that is associated with cork but without any filler to fall out! Composite is simply natural cork that has been compacted together with resin; this guarantees its unblemished appearance and long-term reliability.

To be sure of our newfound product we began a long-term field test with our rods using these handles. The result were amazing, 9 months of hard use and the handles were as smooth and tactile as the day we fitted them, our field testers all loved them and told us they were better than any natural cork they had ever used. When dry they are as smooth as the very best cork, when wet they offer more grip than natural cork and never feel slippery, this is due to the resin content. Those findings were good enough for us and we are delighted to offer these as a standard feature on all of our rods.

Century Game, one-step ahead.

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